Coastal Housing is in the construction / renovating / retaining business, with our core focus on the suburban areas, in and around Durban.

We have a very project focus approach, where milestone deliveries forms a key part to the service excellence we provide to our customers. Our professional staff ensures that customer expectations are always met, and that both parties know what will be delivered from the word go.

Our dedicated team and partner channel, allows us to provide all the services one needs when embarking on a brand new home, renovation or retaining project.

Our teams are regularly provided with the additional training in all the new techniques that surrounds this age old industry. We believe in the right tool for the job mentality, and when you work with CHT, you’ll soon notice, that WE ARE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB...

Coastal Housing is registered with the NHBRC, ensuring that we are part of a professional organisation,
dedicated to ensuring that customers are serviced by the professionals within the industry.


Coastal Housing was founded after years of building in the rural areas or KZN, and thus our experties in delivering on building projects. Delivering up to 6 houses a month takes a special kind of team, and this is the team that makes us shine.

We have given so many their dream homes already, why not contact us and let's build your dream house for you. Two, three, five or eight bedrooms, our team is standing ready to ensure your building needs are met.

There's nothing more exciting than being able to give your biggest investment in life a facelift.

Coastal Housing can assist you in the your smallest to biggest needs when it comes to renovating. From adding a new patio to extending the house with additional rooms, boundary walls and don’t forget the all important entertainment areas.

That small renovation might even be just what you need to help suppliment your bond, or help a loved one that might not be able to help themselves anymore, and just needs to be close to family.

With land so sparse and undulating, retaining has become the defacto when it comes to utilising as much of the property as possible. From day one Coastal Housing ensured that we build up the expertise to fully facilitate those needs.

From small garden retaining, to fully retaining the boundary of a property.

We pride ourselves in only using the best materials and techniques when it comes to retaining, as nothing but the best will ensure that the structure will remain when nature's fury is unleashed.

Within the KZN Coastal areas, we are faced with undulating properties, making construction of properties more challenging, and the demand for experience paramount.

With newer techniques for ensuring structural stability being invented daily, Coastal Housing is dedicated to ensuring that this experience is available to its clients.

Underpinning has been used in several of our projects, where little thought was placed on the future of buildings, and the harsh environment of the costal regions. We've helped ensure that these building will stand for another 50 years.

Coastal Housing has the experience to provide you with much more than just building, renovating, retainind and underpinning. No project is too big or small for our dedicated team to deliver. We have also provided consulting on various construction sites, electrical and plumbing services through our expert partners. A program that grows daily.

Our main goal has always been to ensure that we provide a professional service and that all of our customers expectation have been met, and exceeded.


55 Hillhead Road, Bluff, Durban, 4001

(+27) 076 631 3423